Debra A. Kirkpatrick Landscape Architectural Design

Registered Landscape Architect

DEBRA A. KIRKPATRICK, R.L.A., LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN is a female-owned landscape architectural design and consulting firm providing services to a broad range of public and private clients with an emphasis on conservation or ‘green’ site design and development. This firm promotes and excels in providing creative, environmentally-sensitive solutions for master site planning and design and refined landscape design. We provide our clients with creative solutions, design excellence, exceptional services and technical knowledge for all aspects of landscape architecture. We established this firm in 1994, practicing our craft for over twenty years.



Landscape Architecture

Over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, public and/or private landscape architectural design and consulting projects.

Debra Kirkpatrick, is a wonderful, artistic, creative individual that understands both the landscape and owner. She takes time to carefully listen to what you are hoping to get out of your property. She is easy to work with and I love her classic, simple, timeless style. I can’t wait to see how she can help us envision our plan to refurbish our 25 acre farm.


Not only does Debbie have extensive knowledge in her field, but her creativity and unique vision truly set her apart. I am always inspired by working with people who love what they do & do it well, and Debbie is a wonderful example of this.


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